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Although this book is good, I would like it if Baum elaborated on each of the aspects of the characters. But, overall, it was a REALLY nice book. If you liked this book, then you should read the rest of the books because trust me, it gets a WHOLE LOT better than the first. It explains what happens to Dorothy after she leaves Oz, what the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman (whom they call Nick Chopper), the Cowardly Lion, and many other characters do afterward. It even explains where the iconic ruby slippers (which are surprisingly silver in the original story) dropped.This book the wizard of oz is the first action book which I liked to read the adventures done by Dorothy and her friends were awesome. I did not liked the moment when Oz told a lie to Dorothy that he was not a wizard. I've seen the part when oz became wizard without magical power but also it was sad to read that he broke Dorothy's heart. Anyways this book was full of adventures and discoveries.
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